I bet if you have been to the Revival Times Chapel then you definitely know the Munenes. This couple has traversed the entire country and beyond in Praise and Worship at various churches.

The unrealized perfect love story which has always been perceived to never exist has finally been discovered in these two. Most people have got to hear and learn about celibacy but just a handful get to practice it in totality.

As for the Munenes, they knew each other as they were growing, so tender by age. A common Kenyan slang phrase would describe theirs as a “ni kama drama ni ka video”.Or rather like a movie, that of a perfect match to be precise.

Munene would then come to fall in love with Maureen at class 6, getting stuck at the friend zone until when she was in form three then he decided he has to make her his girlfriend. Not just 6 years of non-sexual relationship but many more years even after they became lovers. What a patient couple.

In 2021 they shot to fame and popularity with the song NIGUSE after maturing together perfectly in love and spirit. They chose the path of music live recording and ministration. Thus today we witness an unbreakable bond of two praise and worship leaders with a calling to not only serve but also lead as a good example to others who may find love and ministry a challenge.

The good news is that the two are heavy with their firstborn and so far baby shower photos have been flying across the internet with the joy of expecting a bouncing baby in days to come.

Then come to think of the new song “WAAJABU” released a few days ago but already shaking the airwaves and blessing many. What more would a couple want if not blessings from the Almighty God, family-wise and career-wise !?. Waajabu was recorded and mastered at Safri Records. Its audio is a hybrid of life and programming.

The amazing clear picture video to this song has been edited by Mulinge Collins at Safri Records and I must say the cinematic and scenic input is on another level, save for the costume and the mood.

The worship song is a sing-along, deep worship that can be ministered or be aired in any show targeting young and old Christians all at once. It has an urban touch which appeals to modern church worship spreading the wonderful message of God in His wonderfulness, with quite of glory in it.

Just like the Kassangas, Mwauras, and the likes of the recent past, The Munenes are our modern-day worship leaders who are emulated by the young generation. Do check them out on their social media handles like Facebook and Instagram and do not forget to watch their latest song “Waajabu” among others on YouTube.As you know subscribing to their channel is part of blessing the Munenes too. Let’s wish them well as they expect a new member of the family in days to come.

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