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The prank went wrong. Churchill Comedian Nicki Bigfish Assaulted in a bar (+VIDEO) – Sunsetkenya


Pranks are good but sometimes annoying. This has made the celebrated comedian a victim of circumstance on several occasions daring and sometimes keeping his life on a thread line just to make sure he delivers to his fans. Dating back to March, the prank master was assaulted by a mob who he tried to prank and left him with several injuries after the mob wrongly interpreted the prank.

Nicki has again found himself on the receiving end after a prank in the bar went wrong and it ended in a messy. A flying bottle almost smashed his head as one member of the drunken masters threw the bottle towards the comedian.

All this time, Nicki, had his cameraman film the entire unfolding secretly as he gradually walked towards the three characters before he triggered anxiety in them turning the entire prank messy.

He had to fly the scene as the angry drunkards headed for his blood leaving his cameraman who had positioned himself at a corner helpless. He tried to disown the comedian as the gang pounced on him.

To spice up the happening, Netizens took it to the comment section, and one Dj Shiti carried the day by advising the comedian to carry some helmet whenever he is going for his coverage.

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