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Traffic officer loses tooth after an attack by motorist

Today morning passangers , Drivers and pedestrians were left in shock and disbelief of what happened to a traffic officer.

Mark Muriira being the officer involved was punched on the head by a motorist owning a BMW car registered as KCL 978A.

The young man was rescued by bodaboda riders around from the angry motorist willing to attack him again.

However, in the incident the officer happened to lose a tooth from the head hit he had received that early morning.

In a vedio recorded one could see the angry motorist walk towards the cop and from no where hit him on the head.

Disrespectful to many that the young man would lay his hands on the officer.

In the society we living in many people are afraid of any police since they know they stand a chance to put them into custody once they are involved in any sort of crime.

Lucky for the police officer to have been salvaged by the bodaboda riders who tried to separate the two from getting into a fight.

In many incidents people not ready to experience people trying to separate them since everyone is in fear that they could get into trouble.

However it’s still not the first case people have been involved in fights with police officers.

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