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Trending: A Pollman’s’ Bus Driver Escapes Death at the Mombasa-Likoni Ferry: Watch Videos



A driver almost met his untimely death after his bus lost control at the Mombasa- Likoni ferry in the morning. According to the source, it is said that the driver was in the line entering into one of the MV’s to cross from Mombasa town to Likoni.

As the bus went off course into the Indian Ocean, people screamed, advising the driver to throw himself out of the bus and into the ocean for easy assistance. It was a scary scene that caused lots of commotion and unrest.
Fortunately, the driver was able to get immediate assistance from well-wishers. Some fishermen initiated a rescue, and the Pollman’s bus got pulled out before it could plunge fully into the ocean.
Even so, such instances have been experienced severally at the Mombasa -Likoni ferry, but nothing concrete has ever been put in place to solve the problem.

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Additionally, if it were not for the fishermen, then the man’s life could have been lost. Therefore, the Kenya Ferry response team and the Kenya Navy should be quick enough to avoid such instances where a life is lost because of incompetence.

As witnessed in the videos, Kenyans showed a heroic act and unity in rescuing the driver and the bus. For that, it portrayed a sense of care and that humanity still larks in people’s lives.

At a time when the government launched a 1.2 kilometer floating bridge across the Likoni channel that serves as a gateway for Mombasa port, such accidents should be minimal to the very least.

Even as the ferries still transport people and vehicles across the channel, the demand is still high because of the rising population from both towns and the viability of the ferry service has become minimal.

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