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UDA to hold party primaries on April 14, 2022

Deputy President (DP) William Ruto has pledged to take personal responsibility for the upcoming United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominations on April 14, perhaps jeopardizing his presidential ambitions if the process fails to provide respectable results. Despite the DP’s assurances that the party’s primaries will be flawless, the risk of outside influence might jeopardize the party’s lofty goals for free and fair elections.

UDA claims to have recruited over 6,000 candidates, which is a large amount for a party that has only been around for a year. It wants to make sure that the majority of them go through the same nomination process on the same day, which is expected to draw thousands of voters. Yesterday, the party acknowledged that it was aware of attempts by some state agencies and competitors to enter the primaries and cause chaos, but downplayed them, disclosing that they had put in place systems to ensure that their critics did not succeed.

Despite the concerns, the DP, who described the upcoming exercise as “crucial and monumental,” said he would be at the forefront to ensure that the nominations, which are normally chaotic regardless of which party is involved, are conducted properly and that deserving candidates are selected to represent the party in the August 9 General Election. “We are fully aware of the importance of this exercise,” he said during a function at his Karen residence. “As I informed our members, I would personally oversee them to guarantee that our exercise is above board and that every member gets an opportunity to be voted for and to win or lose honestly.”

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