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Uganda Decides 2021: A Lead for Museveni with Votes Still Counting


By 9:30 am, 15th January 2021, the people of Uganda had started to get clues on who will be their president for the next four years as Museveni took an early lead with 1.5 million votes (65.02%). The NUP presidential candidate, Channgulanyi garnered 647,146 votes (27.39%) based on the electoral commissions (EC) provisional results of the second batch.

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The commission is preparing the next batch while ensuring that they work within the deadline as stipulated by the presidential elections Act. The Act demands that the results be completed within 48 hours after the voting has ended to publish and declare the winner of the presidential elections after polls’ closure.

Even though Bobi Wine is optimistic about the outcome, he stated that the elections were marred by countrywide fraud and violence. Several people were killed and others injured in the process. However, he cordially thanked his supporters for their large turn out through his Twitter account amid social media shutdown in Uganda.

The following are the presidential results as they keep unfolding;

  • Museveni M Kaguta (NRM) l- 1536205 votes (65.02%)
  • Kyangulanyi S Robert alias Bobi Wine (NUP) – 647146 votes (27.39%)
  • Amuriat Oboi Patrick (FDC) – 84969 votes (3.60%)
  • Mugisha Muntu G (ANT) – 16,673 votes (0.71%)
  • Kabuleta Kiiza Joseph, an independent candidate – 15403 votes (0.65%)
  • Norbert Mao ( DP) – 15,315 votes (0.65%)

Among other presidential election candidates *. These results are accurate according to the second declaration by the Electoral Commission.


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