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Uganda Decides War as Bobi Wine Swears Not to Go Down Without a Fight


Uganda recently completed their general elections, which were marred with violence, chaos, and deaths as several people were murdered in cold blood by the Ugandan police. For this reason, Bobi Wine declared a self victory, claiming that President Yoweri Museveni had rigged the elections. The young politician termed M7’s win as a complete sham.

In an interview with reporters, the musician cum politician said that he feels like his life is in danger after soldiers surrounded his compound and took out three of his bodyguards on Friday evening. On asking the Deo Akiiki, a spokesman and loyal man of Museveni, the guy said they were there to protect him and not harm him.

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However, Wine claims that soldiers had cocked their guns and pointed at him and the journalists there. Based on the election commission results, the musician was on an early lead on track to clinch the presidency until the officials cooked false numbers to declare M7 as the victor.

Consequently, Mr. Changulanyi, the presidential candidate under his newly formed party, National Unity Party, sworn not to back down until proven otherwise, for he believes to have won the elections. He claims to have a list of election irregularities that have to be looked into before admitting defeat. The list included ballot box stuffing, interference with his party’s polling agents from accessing polling stations in western and northern parts of Uganda.

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