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Ugandan Politician, Walks on Supporters like on a Red-Carpet – Salaamu Musumba


Proscovia Salaamu – Musumba, was pictured walking on supporters’ backs like a red carpet. This was during her grand entry in the Kamuli Town, Eastern Region of Uganda. She was treated with a heroic reception, which so many of her supporters are lying prone and taking a turn to make a human carpet so that she could walk on.

Watch Videos here;https://web.facebook.com/sudhir.byaruhanga/posts/3686548778102609

Her bodyguards held her hands beside her to ensure that she does not fall as she slowly walked on her subjects. As seen in the videos, once stepped on, the supporter would hurriedly rash forward to continue the cycle.

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Concurrently, other supporters were spotted clapping and cheering on their heroin. Musumba is known to be among the candidates in the Kamuli Municipality MP position. She had once served as a member of Parliament in Bugabula South from 1996 until 2001. Later, in 2012 up to 2016, she chaired the Kamuli District.
“I love politics; it is an opportunity to change people’s lives forever in an hour. You can seat in Parliament and pass a policy that can empower people’s lives forever.” She posted on her Facebook page.
Despite the controversial hullaballoo, Musumba calls herself a veteran and dependable politician who has nothing but love for her constituents. She is known to be an outspoken woman.


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