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Ukraine: Kharkiv regional administration building destroyed by shelling

Officials say Russian soldiers bombed a regional government building in Ukraine’s second city, killing at least 10 civilians, as a massive armored column rolls towards Kyiv, raising fears that Russia could pulverize civilian neighborhoods. Officials in Moscow announced on Tuesday that the second round of ceasefire talks would take place on Wednesday, but the defense ministry urged Kyiv residents and people “involved by nationalists in provocations against Russia” to leave the city before “high-precision strikes” aimed at security service targets.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “murdering innocent citizens” as he tweeted a video of a massive explosion in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square, describing it as a “barbaric missile strike” caused by Putin’s inability to “tear Ukraine down.” The president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said repeated Russian missile assaults on Kharkiv amounted to state terrorism and a war crime, including the most recent strike on the central administration building, which left at least 35 people injured. “Evil with rockets, bombs, and artillery must be halted right away and economically eliminated,” he stated.
In an emotional speech to the European parliament, Zelenskiy reaffirmed Ukraine’s ambition to join the EU, adding, “Ukraine has a desire to see our children alive – I believe it is a reasonable one.” We are battling for our lives. We are fighting for our right to be equal members of the European Union. “We’re the same as you are.” In the eastern city of Okhtyrka, between Kharkiv and Kyiv, more than 70 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a Russian missile strike on a military camp, according to local officials, who gave conflicting reports of when the attack on the barracks occurred.
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