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Ukraine’s first International legion of territorial defence forces is ready for battle

As foreign warriors join forces with Ukrainians on the ground and those going home to fight for their country, resistance to Russian President Vladimir Putin is building. These foreigners have drawn inspiration from Ukrainians’ fight for independence, and by demonstrating their support for the outmanned Ukrainian army, they are sending a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he should not look to the European Union, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else.

More than a dozen new members of the Ukrainian resistance group met Foreign Policy at the same railway station and border crossing where trains and buses transport Ukrainian refugees into Poland. These men all claimed to have received military training at some point in their lives, and they were dressed in a combination of camouflage jackets, military boots, and cargo pants, with each of them carrying a rucksack. Although the majority of the foreign combatants were Ukrainians coming home, they also included Britons, Belarusians, an Israeli citizen of Ukrainian heritage, and a Polish guy who was ethnically Ukrainian. Men from a variety of different countries are also said to have volunteered.
At least 16,000 foreigners have enrolled with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s International Legion of Territorial Defense, according to Ukrainian officials, and many have sought information from local Ukrainian embassies. The Ukrainian missions are providing information on how to join the legion, the standards that each candidate must complete, and where to go to participate in the conflict. To gain approval from the respective defense attachés in Ukraine’s foreign embassies, aspirants must provide a passport as well as documents confirming previous combat experience, as well as fill out a form expressing their willingness to fight without being pressured. They’ll be given advice on how to go to Ukraine and who to contact after that.
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