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US protestor dressed in Kenyan Flag. Could she be a Kenyan – Sunsetkenya


We Kenyans for some reason, we always in one way or another, find our way in the thick of things out there internationally. Either, we are out there trailblazing in the sports arena, at times offering social/scientific or economic solutions and leadership at high-level inter-governmental organizations.

Every time there’s some picketing or agitation for something, we have always been admired upon with the way we carry ourselves during the demonstrations. No wonder we find ourselves well represented in the ongoing global protests against racism. Our very own frontline protester is right there demanding justice for the slain George Floyd. And as if to pass a very important message to the American police force, not to mess with her, she’s wrapped her face with a scarf that has the revered Kenyan flag. “You don’t wanna cross our lines, it gonna be messy in here” she yelled at them. They wondered aloud, “it was supposed to be a protest, not a riot” she retorted back, “it was supposed to be an arrest, not a murder”.


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