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Video Showing Bahati Smoking Causes Some Mixed Reactions (+VIDEO)


Many believed in the Gospel singer if you were to rate at how people are inspired by him and the bunch of followers he influences.

Some recent turn of events has raised eyebrows as the singer deserted the gospel ministry to join his counterpart Willy Paul in the secular industry.

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Much has happened in a blink of an eye as events showed how deep he has knelt into the “dirty” life.

What surprises many, is, how Bahati kept up with life so fast after dropping the cross. Many thought the Mtoto wa Mama singer could have been living that life before but under the curtains of the pulpit.

It is not clout chasing anymore, as the recent snippet of a video showing how deep “mtoto wa Diana” has engaged himself into dramatic behaviors.

A video of himself enjoying the “holy” smoke has caught the attention of the onlookers and the self-proclaimed chairman, Mr. Ringtone has condemned the act in the best possible way.

From a Gospel Singer to a Drug Addict

Ringtone wrote on his Instagram page.

A good number of celebrities were never left behind as every one of them, from their comments, were amused by his actions since no one knew Bahati would one day be this dirty.

“Hii ni Gani tena my brother,” wrote Hon Ali Nur.

“Baba Heaven surely?” Krg The Don wrote.

“Kutoka mtoto wa mama hadi mtoto wa Jambazi! Tesa bro tesaaaa,” wrote Alex Mwakideu.

“Nyonya Kabisa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Enda hata uishi MOSHI,” shouted MCA Tricky.

“Sasa kujia NdomπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,” Joked Odi Wa Muranga.

Those are the sampled comments that flooded the comment section from the video shared by Mtoto wa Diana.

Is Bahati Lost or he is Clout Chasing?

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