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Viva CJ: Chief Justice David Maraga Finally Leaves Office


The former Chief Justice David Mariga has left office a respected man for his judicial duty’s heroic and patriotic completion. He released the latest state of the Judiciary and administration justice report on 27th November 2020, which was considered a victory parade for him in the years he has served.
The highly ranked Judge had candidly spoken on the good and the bad and every ugly judicial scenario he ever experienced but urged the judicial system to remain a custodian of justice. He also highlighted his administration’s achievements to accrue, such as the launched projects of 61 courts, increased physical coverage on courts, case hearing rates, and the adoption of an ICT system.

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The CJ was also candid on the frustrations he has experienced during his tenure singling out some interferences in the courts’ judicial process and independence to receive financial grants. He also mentioned some ignorant individuals disobeying court orders, especially those related to the state and its agents. Even so, he asked for forgiveness on all those that he might have wronged or angered during his tenure.
The JudgeJudge, who has spent his last day in office for his retirement today, was appointed by President Uhuru Kenya in 2016 when he took the oath of office as the Chief Justice and replaced Dr. Willy Mutunga. He will be remembered as the first Chief Justice in the Kenyan Republic and in the whole of Africa to nullify a presidential election.

Additionally, he has passed his sincere gratitude to Kenyans for their continuous support and the opportunity to serve through his twitter account.

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