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‘Wakati Sina Carol Alienda Tafuta kwa Jamaa Flani,’ Mulamwah hints why the two broke up


During an interview with Mseto East Africa, Mulamwah was a sad lot lamenting on why his baby mama would do such a thing.

The two were such a vibe and people couldn’t hold it any longer but rather call them a perfect couple only to realize the two do not drink from the same pot anymore.

Mulamwah and Carol broke the news of their separation weeks after the birth of their lovely daughter. Mulamwah pampered Carol at the hospital, gifted her Kshs. 100,000 for the good job done. They enjoyed their stay and they were happy for the beautiful gift.

‘Deep down I was so hurt but I couldn’t show it,’ said Mulamwah. I had to enjoy every bit of the welcoming of my daughter as expected but the truth of the matter I was burning. He added.

We mutually agreed to separate so as to try find something else to do at least we both find peace. We never showed our issues to the public and that’s what we agreed to do.

If I decide to spill everything, I would end her career with just one statement, but again she is the mother to my daughter, I opt to remain quiet.’

When asked what transpired their separation, Mulamwah almost broke the news, but a hint was enough to wrap up the whole matter.

‘Wakati sina Carol alienda tafuta kwa jamaa flani. Madem kueni patient sometimes,’ said the father of one.

One does not need magic to know that CAROL CHEATED on Mulamwah, right?

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