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Warning to Russian soldiers that they will not be taken as prisoners anymore and will be “slaughtered like pigs”.

Ukrainian troops continue to release footage of seized Russian detainees describing how they were kept in the dark about the invasion while it was taking place and criticizing the Russian military’s actions. Despite the fact that the videos were most likely made under duress, they are still remarkable. In one, a soldier claims that his superior refused to inform him of the unit’s destination. “I had no idea we were headed to Ukraine; I was duped,” claims another. Other comments, “We were duped and exploited as a meat shield.”

“We behaved in a Nazi-like manner.” People were forced to defend their territory once we attacked them,” a soldier adds. “Everything they say to us is a load of nonsense… In another video, a soldier says to his family, “I just don’t understand why we were told all this nonsense in Russia.” “Like pigs, we’ve been abandoned here.” “They sent us to death, the whole battalion,” a kidnapped trooper tells his mother in another film. Every single person was slain… The bodies aren’t even taken away.”
He warns her, however, not to make too much trouble back home. “If you start making a lot of noise the FSB will be after you,” he says, in reference to the Russian internal security agency. Pictures and videos from Kyiv have shown thousands crowding railways stations in a desperate bid to get a ride out of the city. Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said Wednesday more than 2,000 civilians have died, though it was impossible to verify that claim. There are fears that the number could be higher. Earlier on Wednesday, a video of a Russian soldier breaking down in tears as he spoke to his mother on the phone after surrendering to Ukrainians went viral.
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