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‘We will make you respect Uhuru and Raila,’Azimio la umoja leaders warn DP Ruto

Azimio la Umoja leaders have reacted angrily to Deputy President William Ruto’s recent remarks against President Uhuru Kenyatta, with ODM leader Raila Odinga warning him not to insult them during his political campaigns. Despite President Kenyatta’s appointment of the DP as the country’s second-in-command, political leaders accused him of undermining his superiors and shouting insults at them.

The leaders chastised the DP on Wednesday in Siaya County, where they were drumming up support for Raila Odinga ahead of the August elections, saying he had no regard for the president and should be careful what he says about him. Junet Mohammed, a Suna East legislator, chastised Ruto for prior comments in which the DP claimed he was the driving force behind Uhuru’s legacy, despite the fact that it was the other way around: Uhuru was the driving force behind Ruto’s accomplishment.

“Bila Uhuru Kenyatta hakuna mahali Ruto angefika hapa duniani, ata haungekua deputy president wa Kenya; kama si Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto angekua anauza kuku yake huko Eldoret,” Suna East MP Junet Mohamed said. He added: “Hapana kojoa kwa sahani ambaye unakulia my friend. Heshimu Rais Kenyatta, yeye ndiye alifanya huwe Naibu wake.”

Senator Ledama Ole Kina of Narok also chastised DP Ruto and his friends for making “reckless” remarks, claiming that they did not respect individuals in positions of power. “Kwetu tunasema shingo haiwezi pita kichwa,” says the narrator. Huyo DP amekua siku hizi ni matusi matusi ni matusi ni matusi ni matusi ni matusi ni matusi Hello there, makasiriko yote mnataka kuongozwa na mtu ya namna hiyo?” He posed for the camera. “Heshima si utumwa, wewe usipomwonyesha Rais heshima, ata sisi tutakukosesha heshima,” says one of the characters. On his part, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho warned the DP not to insult Raila as a political elder and as the leader of his party.

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