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Weekend Round-Up. Sauti Sol Willis Chimano Opens up not being straight, Proposal gone bad, as Bayern are crowned Uefa Champions (+Many More Stories) – Sunsetkenya


Filled with many events, a lot usually happens and most are not documented. With our new column, Weekend Round-Up, we will try covering most of the frontline events for you. Stay tuned.

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In Nigeria, drama-filled the streets as one man was left kneeling on the road when she tried to engage a long time lover. The lady walked away leaving the man embarrassed on his knees.

The man pleaded for the lady only to grasp some attention for the passersby.


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This has not come as a surprise to many Kenyans as he was seen taking the shape ever since his childhood days. His dressing code pronounced it all, and definitely, yes we all thought he is.

Growing up, I considered myself a very awkward child, I used to find it tasking to make friends and I would occasionally lean over the wall of a then one-bedroom and just stare at the multitude of children playing. I was this teenage boy who never felt like they belonged, I was a very subdued child, ” He said.

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Here is the video:


Chief Justice David Maraga has said there are trends that seem to suggest that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘revisit’ remark is being implemented.

The CJ was talking about the infamous “we shall revisit” remark by Uhuru after the Supreme Court overturned the results of the 2017 General Election.

I can’t say yes or no… but when you see a trend, it speaks on its own… a few things we have experienced leave me wondering whether this threat is being followed.. The issue of funds for the Judiciary for example..” he said.

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Timothy Cheruiyot opens up his season with a major win in Monaco by beating Jakob Ingebrigtsen in the men 1500 meters race.

The European leagues came to an end this weekend when both the Europa and UEFA Champions League finals were played.

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In the Europa League final, Sevilla thrashed Inter Millan 3 – 2 in a spectacular game that saw lots of action put into place.

EUFA Champions ran shot of goals as Bayern Munich emerged victorious with Coman’s only goal. The German powerhouse outshined Neymar’s side to a record-breaking win.

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With its young talented squad, the future looks so bright for the German side and this might be another dominant arena for the Champions.


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