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What Next For BBI Now That Ruto Will Be In For His 10 Year Term


With the recent sentiments from the President on Friday at Sagana, many have thrown a shade to the BBI Movement.

Has it already hit a rock bottom considering the president speach?!

*Uhuru comes clean on supporting William Ruto*; President Uhuru Kenyatta started his 4-days-tour of central part and has recently refused that he never said of not positively supporting deputy president William Ruto on his mission of becoming future president.

President Uhuru speaking at Sagana Lodge on Friday at the meeting with leaders from Mount Kenya region he confidently said, ” I never said I will not support Ruto. Why do you keep insulting me? Yes, I said ten – ten. When did my ten end?”
He added;

“I have been busy with work. Doing what you told me to do. The rest have been making noise.”

Uhuru said that he will use the remaining time to ensure that no blood shed will happen after election.

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