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Where is Jowie Irungu and Jacque Maribe


Jowie Irungu and Tv girl Jacque Maribe were partners till they met their fate in 2018 for allegedly killing a businesswoman, Monica Kimani.

The two were later released in March 2020 and they have been battling murder changes since then till now.

Their release was a dramatic occurrence since Maribe was released earlier than Irungu who was later said to have engaged Ella, another businesswoman to earn his release only to be learned it was another huge lie.

The two have been facing different challenges in life something that has wiped them out of their social life.

Questions of their whereabouts have been raised everywhere.

Maribe has been engaging in her online tv which has not worked for her and opted to engage in business while Irungu has confessed his sins through gospel music, a thing that has also not worked for him.

What next now for the struggling two?

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