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Why Lee Funeral Home Was Trending For The Better Part Of Last Week


Kenyans woke up wondering if there was a V.I.P who had passed on last week, Friday. A picture of heavily armed security detail hanging around Lee’s funeral home had been trending at number one across all social media that really made netizens speculate who could have passed on.

Many speculated that going by the presence of armed military personnel in the picture could be perhaps the former president of Kenya God forbid Mwai Kibaki had kicked the bucket. Lots of memes were created around it. Conspiracy theorists were at it the entire day with both fake and near-credible stories.

Later in the day, when it was unearthed that all along, it was a ploy by the UDA party that is associated with the deputy president to divert attention away from the Machakos senatorial elections they were losing miserably.

Attached, find the leaked whatsapp group chats of the ploy:

Dennis Itumbi came gun-blazing, defending and calling the leaked chats fake on seeing the leaked chats trending.