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Will the Deputy President make it to the top seat?


With the rift befalling the jubilee party, the deputy president has fallen out with the boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and their bromance code split to a point of no amendments, the big question lingering is, Will the deputy president make it to the top seat?

During their campaigns, the Jubilee masterpiece could dress almost the same and even promised each others support but all that has been buried after the two never read from the same script again.

The ndaani ndaani slogan has lost its meaning during this second tenure of the ruling party, Jubilee. Many slogans were made and the other one being the famous wembe ni ule ule. This and many more have turned out to be just “silly” quotes that have made a u-turn to haunt the jubilee supporters.

The rise of graft and corruption cases have in one way or the other linked the deputy president both inside and outside the office.

The need to fight public theft and get Kenyans to live together cohesively will not be sacrificed so that one man can pursue his ambition for the Presidency. In short-we will not stop fighting corruption or uniting Kenyans so that William Ruto can be President. Kenya is more important than any single person’s ambition; including his.

So if Ruto cannot campaign for the Presidency within this reality he can as well quit the race. It’s not written anywhere that he must be president.


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