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Woman who had married his blood brother and had 3 kids with him says he abandoned them

Many people were surprised when Mukandamage Domitila disclosed that she married her blood brother, who later left him after learning out. The 44-year-old Rwandese woman told AfriMax that she lost her mother when she was one year old and her father a few years later in an interview.

Following that, the family split up, and Domitila had no knowledge of her brother, despite the fact that she had heard from relatives that she had one. Domitila moved to Kigali, Rwanda, after a few years and started working as a maid. She met her brother in Kigali one day and the two fell in love and married, unaware that they were related.

The couple found they were connected after having three children and discovering they had the same mother and father.Domitila’s ordeal was made considerably more difficult when her children were bullied by their neighbors, who reminded them that they were the result of interbreeding. The mother of three is having a difficult time because her first two children are suffering from various ailments and their father is not helping them.

The woman, who lives in an unfinished mud hut deep in the hamlet, said she hasn’t heard from her brother in five years, and he doesn’t want anything to do with her and her children. Her aim is to find well-wishers who will help her establish a new home and support her children’s education.
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