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Yes I love Him, but this one Scares me. Milly wa Jesus Opens up


The Wa Jesus have been a couple that inspires many out here with their glamorous lifestyle.

They alongside, Machakos governor and ex-wife Lilian Nganga had been termed as a power couple due to the influence they have on the communities.

In a heartbreaking message that surprised her followers, Milly wa Jesus wrote this on her Instagram, describing Kabi her husband.

Honestly I’ve suffered for too long 🤭

After reading the first statement, onliners got agitated by the statement, and what followed did not only surprised many but also got people talking. Could it be a cult?

She went ahead to add,

imagine 4 years of marriage and this is what I wake up to every morning @kabiwajesus aki please tu jifunze kufunga macho umenishtua ya kutosha

When all got talking, Milly wished her fans goodnight and left a heated debate by the netizens.

Could Kabi’s behaviour be associated with a cult? Stay here we are underway investigating the matter. Much is yet to unfold.


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