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You will not be required to present HELB, CRB, EACC and other clearance certificates when seeking a job.

President Uhuru Kenyatta signed five parliamentary laws into law on Monday at State House in Nairobi, including the 2022 Supplementary I Appropriation Bill (Supplementary Budget). The 2019 Employment (Amendment) Bill, the 2021 Copyright (Amendment) Bill, the 2020 Kenya Deposit Insurance (Amendment) Bill, the 2022 Industrial Training (Amendment) Bill, and the 2021 Copyright (Amendment) Bill were among the others. The freshly signed Supplementary Budget makes available a total of Shs 139,752,936,287 in exchequer money for drought-related interventions, security operations, election preparation, fuel stabilization, and bill payment, among other critical public requirements.

A total of Shs 34,446,813,295 has been given from the Supplementary Budget to the Government’s fuel stabilization program, which aims to protect Kenyans from rising fuel costs caused by the growing global energy crisis. In terms of security operations, an additional Shs 950 million has been set aside for police recruiting in order to enhance the country’s security enforcement officers ahead of the upcoming general elections. The Supplementary Budget has provided an additional Shs 8,813,903,557 to the IEBC based on the electoral body’s inputs, allowing it to adequately prepare for the August 9th polls.
The Supplementary Budget takes into consideration the many current Government actions in drought mitigation and allocated additional resources as follows: The Ministry of Defence will get Shs 1.4 billion for the Kenya Meat Commission’s livestock uptake program, and the State Department for Devolution would receive Shs 1.2 billion for direct mitigation efforts. Other drought-related allocations include Shs 2.4 billion to the State Department for Social Protection, Senior Citizen Affairs, and Special Programmes for relief food to help drought-stricken families, and Shs 0.9 billion to the State Department for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands for drought management.
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