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‘Yule mzee wa manyororo,’ Ruto attacks Atwoli and brands him as Mtu wa Manyororo

It will be remembered the two were close buddies during the first regime of Uhuruto. They shared a lot and protected each other like a shrine.

Including the things shared, Atwoli gifted Ruto an ordained Rosary that had blessings from a catholic priest to protect him from the ICC case in 2013.

Ruto received the blessing with both hands wide open from his not only political ally but also a do-or-die partner.

Their difference was seen during the second tenure of Uhuruto after the handshake happened, and the two found themselves in the political divide.

The COTU boss found himself supporting the handshake while the deputy president became an ‘official’ opposition leader.

At the beginning of January 2022, Ruto took an issue with the rosary during a tour of Kakamega County and christened Atwoli as ‘Yule Mzee wa manyororo‘ translated ‘the old man with a chain’.

Atwoli has, however, not taken the comments lightly arguing that his rosary was ordained by a Catholic priest.

“My Catholic golden Jesus Christ Cross officially blessed by a priest in my neck is under attack, May the Lord Jesus fight for me as the denial on holy Rosary I donated at the Hague was equally rubbished. We pray the living God,” argued Atwoli.

The heated debate has since been beefed up by the constant utterance by the COTU boss that the deputy president can’t meet the required numbers for him to become the 5th president of Kenya.

Ruto on the other hand is working around the clock to shame Mzee wa manyororo and his handshake brothers.

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