Home News IPOA Launches Investigation into Protester Killing During Anti-Finance Bill Demonstrations

IPOA Launches Investigation into Protester Killing During Anti-Finance Bill Demonstrations


IPOA Launches Investigation into Protester Killing During Anti-Finance Bill Demonstrations


The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has initiated an investigation into the killing of a protester, Rex Masai, who was allegedly shot by police during demonstrations against the Finance Bill in Nairobi. The incident, which has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation, occurred amidst escalating tensions over the controversial bill.


IPOA Chairperson Anne Makori stated, “We have launched a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Rex Masai. Our aim is to ensure accountability and justice for the deceased and his family.” The watchdog agency, mandated to oversee the conduct of police officers, emphasized its commitment to an impartial and comprehensive inquiry.


Eyewitnesses reported that Masai was participating in a peaceful protest when police officers allegedly opened fire to disperse the crowd. “We were chanting and holding placards when suddenly, the police started shooting. Rex was hit and fell to the ground,” recounted one protester, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. The eyewitness accounts have raised serious questions about the use of force by law enforcement during the demonstration.


In response to the incident, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) condemned the police’s actions, calling for swift justice. “The extrajudicial killing of Rex Masai is unacceptable. We demand that those responsible be held accountable and that the government take immediate steps to protect the rights of citizens to protest peacefully,” stated KHRC Executive Director George Kegoro.


The Finance Bill, which has been a subject of heated debate, proposes various tax increases that critics argue will burden ordinary Kenyans. The protests in Nairobi were part of a broader wave of nationwide demonstrations against the bill. Civil society groups and opposition leaders have voiced strong opposition, urging the government to reconsider the proposed measures.


Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki addressed the incident, expressing condolences to Masai’s family and assuring the public of a thorough investigation. “The government is deeply saddened by the loss of life during the protests. We have instructed the relevant authorities to conduct a full investigation and ensure that justice is served,” he said. Kindiki also called for calm and urged protesters to engage in peaceful and lawful demonstrations.


As the investigation progresses, IPOA has appealed to witnesses to come forward with any information that could assist in uncovering the truth. “We encourage anyone with relevant information to cooperate with our investigators. Transparency and public participation are crucial in ensuring justice for Rex Masai,” Makori added.


The killing of Rex Masai has intensified the scrutiny on police conduct in Kenya, with calls for reform growing louder. As the nation awaits the findings of the IPOA investigation, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for human rights and justice in the country.

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