Home News Khalwale advises Ruto to Disband Cabinet, Fire David Ndii too.

Khalwale advises Ruto to Disband Cabinet, Fire David Ndii too.


Khalwale advises Ruto to Disband Cabinet, Fire David Ndii too.


In a bold statement that has sent shockwaves through Kenya’s political landscape, Senator Boni Khalwale has called on President William Ruto to make sweeping changes to his administration. The outspoken legislator from Kakamega County urged the President to dissolve the cabinet, disband Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s office, and terminate the services of economic advisor David Ndii.


Khalwale’s remarks come at a time when the Ruto administration is facing mounting criticism over its handling of the economy and other national issues. The senator’s call for such drastic measures highlights growing dissatisfaction within some political circles about the current government’s performance.


The suggestion to dissolve the cabinet is particularly striking, as it would mean a complete overhaul of the executive branch. If implemented, this move could potentially allow President Ruto to reassess his team and possibly bring in new faces to address the challenges facing the nation.


The proposed disbanding of Musalia Mudavadi’s office is another significant point in Khalwale’s statement. Mudavadi, a veteran politician, was appointed to the newly created position of Prime Cabinet Secretary following the 2022 elections. The call to eliminate this office raises questions about its effectiveness and the overall structure of the executive.


Perhaps most controversially, Khalwale’s demand for the firing of David Ndii has drawn considerable attention. Ndii, a renowned economist, has been serving as President Ruto’s economic advisor. His potential removal could signal a shift in the administration’s economic policies and strategies.


As news of Khalwale’s statement spreads, political analysts and citizens alike are debating the merits and potential consequences of such drastic changes. While some view these proposals as necessary steps for improving governance, others caution against hasty decisions that could lead to instability. The Ruto administration has yet to respond officially to these calls, leaving many to wonder about the potential impact on Kenya’s political future.

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