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Kenyan Attorney General Justin Muturi Dismissed Amid Cabinet Shakeup

The Attorney General Justin Muturi before the Committee on Delegated legislation of the Senate at KICC Nairobi on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. DENNIS ONSONGO|NATION

Kenyan Attorney General Justin Muturi Dismissed Amid Cabinet Shakeup


In a startling development, Kenyan President William Ruto has dismissed Attorney General Justin Muturi from his position with immediate effect. This decision comes as part of a broader move to overhaul the entire cabinet, a response to the mounting public pressure and weeks of intense protests across the nation.


President Ruto announced Muturi’s dismissal during a nationally televised address. “After careful reflection, listening to Kenyans, and a holistic appraisal of my cabinet, I have decided to relieve the Attorney General, Justin Muturi, of his duties effective immediately,” said Ruto. This decisive action underscores the President’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the Kenyan populace and reestablishing trust in his administration.


Muturi, who had been serving as Attorney General since 2022, played a key role in the government’s legal and constitutional matters. His dismissal marks a significant change in the legal arm of the executive branch, reflecting the gravity of the current political climate. Observers note that Muturi’s removal signals President Ruto’s intent to bring in new faces who may better align with the administration’s renewed focus on public accountability and transparency.


The President’s statement highlighted the necessity of the cabinet overhaul: “My government is dedicated to serving the people of Kenya. We must ensure that our leadership is responsive, effective, and aligned with the needs of our nation. This cabinet reshuffle is a clear message that we are listening and that we are committed to making necessary changes.”


Justin Muturi, a seasoned politician and legal expert, has not yet issued a public statement regarding his dismissal. His future plans remain uncertain, but political analysts speculate that he may return to his legal practice or seek other opportunities within Kenya’s vibrant political landscape. Given his extensive experience and network, Muturi’s next moves will be closely watched by both supporters and critics.


Reactions to Muturi’s dismissal have been mixed. Some legal experts and political commentators view it as a bold and necessary step to rejuvenate the government’s approach to legal reforms and public governance. Others express concerns about the abrupt nature of the decision and its potential impact on ongoing legal initiatives and reforms that Muturi had been spearheading.


As Kenya navigates this period of political transition, the focus will be on how the government manages the departure of a key legal figure and the subsequent appointment of a new Attorney General. President Ruto has promised swift action in filling the vacant positions to ensure continuity and stability in the administration’s operations. “We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history,” Ruto stated. “I urge all Kenyans to remain patient and hopeful as we work towards building a government that truly reflects your aspirations. Together, we will overcome these challenges and build a brighter future for our beloved country.”


The coming days will likely bring more clarity on the direction the administration will take and how it plans to address the underlying issues that prompted the cabinet overhaul. For now, the dismissal of Justin Muturi marks a pivotal moment in President Ruto’s tenure, as he seeks to realign his government with the demands and expectations of the Kenyan people.

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