Home News Kenyan President William Ruto Dismisses Entire Cabinet Following Weeks of Protests

Kenyan President William Ruto Dismisses Entire Cabinet Following Weeks of Protests


Kenyan President William Ruto Dismisses Entire Cabinet Following Weeks of Protests


In a surprising turn of events, Kenyan President William Ruto has dismissed his entire cabinet, retaining only the Deputy President and the Prime Cabinet Secretary. This dramatic decision follows weeks of escalating protests across the country. The move is seen as an attempt to address the growing public discontent and restore confidence in his administration.


President Ruto announced the decision during a nationally televised address, stating, “After careful reflection, listening to Kenyans, and a holistic appraisal of my cabinet, I have decided to relieve all cabinet secretaries of their duties. This is a step necessary to align our government with the expectations and aspirations of the Kenyan people.”


The protests, which have been widespread and intense, were sparked by a combination of economic hardships, controversial policies, and allegations of corruption within the government. Demonstrators have taken to the streets in major cities, demanding accountability, transparency, and urgent reforms. The public outcry has put significant pressure on the Ruto administration, prompting this unprecedented response.


The President emphasized his commitment to addressing the concerns of the citizens, saying, “My government is dedicated to serving the people of Kenya. We must ensure that our leadership is responsive, effective, and aligned with the needs of our nation. This cabinet reshuffle is a clear message that we are listening and that we are committed to making necessary changes.”


The decision to retain only the Deputy President and the Prime Cabinet Secretary indicates a desire for continuity and stability amid the overhaul. Both officials are expected to play crucial roles in the transition period as the President works on appointing a new cabinet. Analysts suggest that these appointments will be closely watched and scrutinized by the public and political observers alike.


Reactions to the cabinet dismissal have been mixed. Some citizens and political analysts see it as a bold and necessary move to address the grievances that have fueled the protests. Others, however, remain skeptical, questioning whether this action alone will be sufficient to bring about the desired change and improve the government’s performance.


In his concluding remarks, President Ruto expressed hope for a new chapter in his administration. “We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history,” he said. “I urge all Kenyans to remain patient and hopeful as we work towards building a government that truly reflects your aspirations. Together, we will overcome these challenges and build a brighter future for our beloved country.”


As the nation awaits the announcement of a new cabinet, the focus will be on how the Ruto administration addresses the underlying issues that led to the protests and whether this bold move will translate into meaningful and lasting change.



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