Home News British PM Rishi Sunak Announces Ksh.82M for Kenya’s Green Infrastructure Initiatives

British PM Rishi Sunak Announces Ksh.82M for Kenya’s Green Infrastructure Initiatives


British PM Rishi Sunak Announces Ksh.82M for Kenya’s Green Infrastructure Initiatives


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the United Kingdom will provide Ksh.82 million to support green infrastructure initiatives in Kenya. This announcement was made during a bilateral meeting between the two nations aimed at strengthening their partnership in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development.


“Kenya has made significant strides in environmental conservation, and we are committed to supporting these efforts,” Sunak said. “This funding is aimed at bolstering Kenya’s green infrastructure projects, which are crucial for the country’s sustainable growth and resilience against climate change.”


The allocated funds will be directed towards several key areas, including renewable energy projects, sustainable urban planning, and the development of green public transportation systems. Sunak emphasized the importance of these initiatives in helping Kenya meet its climate goals and improve the quality of life for its citizens. “Investing in green infrastructure is not just about protecting the environment; it’s about creating jobs, fostering innovation, and ensuring a healthier future for all,” he noted.


Kenya’s President, William Ruto, welcomed the announcement, expressing gratitude for the UK’s continued support. “We are deeply appreciative of this partnership with the UK. These funds will significantly enhance our capacity to implement critical green projects that align with our national development agenda and our commitment to the Paris Agreement,” Ruto said.


One of the major projects set to benefit from this funding is the expansion of Kenya’s renewable energy sector, particularly in wind and solar power. The country has been a leader in Africa in terms of renewable energy adoption, and this support will help accelerate progress. “Our goal is to ensure that a significant portion of our energy comes from renewable sources. This support from the UK will help us achieve this target faster,” stated Kenya’s Energy Cabinet Secretary, Davis Chirchir.


In addition to energy projects, the funds will also support sustainable urban planning initiatives in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. These projects aim to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and create more green spaces for residents. “Urban areas are at the forefront of our climate action plan. We are focusing on making our cities more livable and environmentally friendly,” said James Macharia, the Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary.


The announcement has been met with widespread approval from environmental groups and civil society organizations in Kenya. They have long advocated for increased investment in green infrastructure as a means to tackle climate change and foster sustainable development. “This is a positive step towards a greener future for Kenya. We hope this will be the beginning of more substantial investments in environmental conservation,” remarked Wangari Maathai, an environmental activist.


The bilateral cooperation between Kenya and the UK on green infrastructure highlights the growing recognition of the need for global partnerships in addressing climate change. As Kenya continues to pave the way for sustainable development in Africa, the support from international allies like the UK will be pivotal in achieving long-term environmental and economic goals.

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