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“This is Why I’m Angry!”: Man Who Disrupted CS Ndung’u Photo Session Speaks


“This is Why I’m Angry!”: Man Who Disrupted CS Ndung’u Photo Session Speaks


Nairobi, Kenya – The man who caused a commotion during a photo session with Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u on Thursday has come forward to explain his actions, citing deep frustrations with the government’s handling of economic issues. The incident, which took place during a public event in Nairobi, has sparked widespread debate about the state of the nation’s economy.


In an exclusive interview with the press on Friday, the man, identified as Peter Mwangi, a small business owner from the city, articulated the reasons behind his outburst. “This is why I’m angry!” Mwangi began, visibly agitated. “Every day, I see my business struggling because of the high taxes and lack of support from the government. I had to speak up.”


Mwangi’s impromptu interruption occurred during a high-profile event where CS Ndung’u was unveiling new economic measures aimed at boosting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The disruption momentarily halted the proceedings, drawing attention to Mwangi’s grievances. “They talk about supporting small businesses, but where is the support? My costs are going up, my customers are fewer, and the taxes keep rising,” he lamented.


According to Mwangi, his frustrations have been building over the past few years as he watched his once-thriving business falter under the weight of economic pressures. “I have been running my shop for over ten years. I’ve seen good times and bad, but never like this. The policies being implemented are suffocating us,” he stated.


Mwangi also criticized the government’s focus on large-scale projects, arguing that more attention should be paid to the needs of ordinary Kenyans. “It’s always about big projects and foreign investments, but what about us? The small business owners, the farmers, the regular citizens who keep this country running? We are being left behind,” he asserted.


His actions have sparked a broader conversation about the government’s economic policies and their impact on everyday Kenyans. In response to the incident, CS Ndung’u acknowledged the frustrations expressed by Mwangi but defended the government’s efforts. “We understand the concerns of small business owners and are working tirelessly to create a more conducive environment for all. However, these changes take time,” Ndung’u said.


The event concluded with a renewed pledge from the Treasury to engage more with local entrepreneurs and address their concerns. Mwangi, meanwhile, hopes that his bold move will inspire others to speak up and demand better from their leaders. “I didn’t do this for myself alone. I did it for every Kenyan who feels ignored and unheard. We deserve better, and it’s time our leaders listen,” he concluded.


The incident underscores the palpable tension and dissatisfaction among many Kenyans who feel the brunt of economic challenges. As the government rolls out new measures, the voices of citizens like Mwangi highlight the critical need for policies that genuinely address the issues faced by the majority.

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